Thursday, August 4, 2016 - The Princess of Cello


Denise Djokic, cello

Victor Yampolsky, conductor


Faure: Elegy for Cello and Orchestra, Op. 24

Richard Prior: Cello Concerto *

SibeliusSymphony No. 1, Op. 31, in e minor

* PMF Premiere

Denise Djokic returns for her third PMF season having first performed here in 2006 in the Barber Cello Concerto and most recently in 2013 in the Tchaikovsky Pezzo Capriccioso and Variations on a Rococo Theme. This year she performs, for the first time at PMF, the Cello Concerto by Richard Prior and Faure's Elegy for Cello & Orchestra, first performed at PMF in 1983 by Denis Brot with Catherine Comet conducting and most recently in 1993 by David Geringas. The Sibelius Symphony No. 1 was first performed by PMF in 1995 and most recently in 2004. 

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August Symphony Series performance location

Door Community Auditorium - Fish Creek 

The Peninsula Music Festival - 10347 Highway 42

Unit B Green Gables Shops 

P.O. Box 340, Ephraim, Wisconsin  54211


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